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Gunslinger Desperado Build??

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#1 Ayu


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Posted 29 June 2010 - 05:39 AM

Who Knows A Gunslinger Desperado Build?

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#2 Dr FeelGood

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Posted 01 July 2010 - 03:49 AM

Had the experience myself, if you don't have 3 kiels with you. Desperado will be a pain in the ass.
Though if you do, SK SK Thana (And one more card) Will do. + Sinx Card combo.

#3 oso x yagami

oso x yagami

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Posted 07 July 2010 - 01:24 PM

It may be late or not, but i kinda know about Slingers, well, here i come:

To add stats, are the same for archer classes.-

I suggest to add first af all the dex, 2nd the agi, after that vit and int, and last the str (spend all your stat points on str, and is around 170-180), also you need for equipment:

  -Upper: Any custom that gives you dex.
  -Middle: Same as above.
  -Lower: Same (sorry, but you need a lot of dex, since Slingers aren't stronger as sniper or rangers).
Armor: An odin's Blessing do it perfect, but i do believe you can use now on server the trascendent armors with the expanded, so use a V armor.
Garmet: Use a Heavenly Maiden Robe or if posible V manteau.
Footgear: a boots do it perfectly, but use V shoes if posible (again) or Variant shoes if posible.
Accesory: Gloves or if posible orleans gloves.
Weapon: Use the very friendly Western outlaw.

Now for the cards, which is very hard to chose, because you must use the Battle system all the way to survive:
Headgear: As suggested for Pony Slaystation, use Kiel D-01x3, that's beacuse i think the ACD reduction by aspd is disabled in the server (at least for this skill).
Armor: Use a ghostring, Argiope or Evil druid (players which use sinx or GX usualle add the poison enchant, with this 2 cards u nullify theyr attack ;3).
Garmet: Raydric or any other card that reduces physical dmg (i do not suggest Deviling card, is a double edged card).
Footgear: If using the sloted shoes, Amon Ra card (be really carefull with this card as well) or Dark Lord or Fallen Bishop Hibram, if using Variant shoes nvm.
Accesorry: Zerom is good for attack.
Weapon: I suggest to use the Thanatos+TG+TG+Hydra, SK doesn't have effect with this skill, so don't waste your SK in a gun with which you will use only desperado.

To finish, use a headgear with Maya P to see when sinx or other kind of player approach to u with cloaking (note that the skills to hide of stalkers can avoid non-target area skills, ex: desperado).
I hope this build helps you. I must point that this build is for melee PvP, because i have tried to kill magic wielders with Slingers and it is a bad idea, the probabilities to survive is really low, yes you can kill them, but with other equip and other build.
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